We are an avant-garde performance-art troupe of 60+ members located in and around Washington, DC. We are a diverse group in race, gender, sexual identity, age, and background. Our performances generally include song, pantomime, dancing, theatrical skits (comedy, drama, politics, etc.), burlesque, musical performance, and occasionally spoken word. One of our unique features often involves performing without the presence of gender boundaries.

Due to our usual venue locations in the DC area, the majority of us identify in some part of the queer community, but we encourage and regularly include heterosexual performers.

In March of 2000 we began as a drag king troupe. However, this term is now loosely held by us as we have since incorporated several other forms of performers that otherwise had limited venues available. We are all DC Kings, and we are all part of the longest-running monthly drag king show in the World!

OUR HISTORY: The DC Kings, founded by Drag King Ken (aka Ken Vegas), have performed at Club Chaos since March of 2000 and Apex from 2002-2006. Beginning January 2005 we also regularly perform at Phase1. These monthly shows have seen over 150 kings grace these stages since their start. Other venues continue to open their doors and expand our ever-extending horizons.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Performances by DC Kings are never the same each month! Though you will see many of our beloved regulars, we attract a diverse group of folks who perform when they are interested and able. One of our most treasured features as a DC King is the sheer force of our diversity.

DC KING PRINCIPLES: The most important thing to keep in mind with the DC drag king troupe is that we are extremely supportive of one another. We are interested in good fun, good shows, as well as seeing how we grow as individuals and as a group.


The DC Kings is the World's Longest Running Drag King Troupe
and has been active in Washington DC since 2000.